Justin Bieber is in MORE trouble in Atlanta this morning after one of his security guards was arrested for stealing a photographer's camera.

Yesterday, Justin went to an amusement park and while he was inside, a member of his security team told paparazzi to stay cool because Justin was about to come out. That’s when the security guy got into it with one of the photographers, grabbing the guy's camera and handing it to Justin's driver. The security guy then jumped in the car and told the driver to take off.

Cops found the Escalade at the home Justin is renting in the ATL; They searched it for the camera, found it, and returned the camera to the photographer. They then arrested the security guard for theft and cops are deciding whether to arrest the driver.

Speaking of Justin. Chantal Jeffries (his model friend who was in the car with him that night in Miami he got busted for a DUI); SHE is talking, and she wants everyone to know: SHE'S NEVER DATED JUSTIN BIEBER!