Bets on Bieber's Rehab

As you know we've been talking about when Bieber would be announcing that he would be going into rehab for weeks, finally after his arrest we're taking bets as to when it would actually happen. We'll find out who's right soon enough.

Shannon - Friday January 24th, 9:04am

Mojo - Tomorrow, 7:00am

Spike - Today at 5:00pm

Rachel - Today 6:00pm 

Slim - Tomorrow 6:00pm

UPDATE 8:20 AM - Video of his yellow Lamborghini being pulled over.


Is this the grand finale of the "downward spiral" well documented on Mojo In The Morning?  Singer Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday for drag racing and DUI in Miami Beach, police said.  Two SUVs were used to stop traffic on a road so that Bieber and another driver were able to drag race in Lamborghinis.  All four cars were thought to be rented locally.  Our sources confirm that Justin Bieber has failed the sobriety test.  Suspects are routinely taken to Turner Gilford Knight Correctional Center while awaiting bond hearings in Miami.  Shannon's Dirty sources in Miami will have more details on Mojo In The Morning. 

Bieber has been spotted in different places around town the past few days, since police searched his Hollywood home.  The Opa-locka, Florida Police Department is also investigating an unauthorized escort of Bieber from his private plane to his rented mansion in the North Miami neighborhood. 

Several pictures posted to Bieber's Instagram account yesterday have been deleted overnight including one of Bieber & his friend leaning on their yellow and red rental cars.  In another pic that we have captured below, Bieber took a photo of a girl behind the wheel.  

Update Photos of the vehicles used in his alleged drag race: