We're sittin' pretty at 21 weeks!!!  Just past the half way mark… the fruit comparisons this week crack me up.  Last week baby was the size of a cantaloupe… this week a carrot?!?! Or a banana?!?!  Did baby shrink?!? Lol… no no, I know they are describing the length of baby since now she is measured from head to toe instead of head to rump… In any case, hubbs was getting sick of the fruit comparisons so I found another one that I really like… baby this week… is the size of a fanny pack!!! Baaahahahahahaa THROWBACK!!! In any case… how awesome is this… baby girl is now a little tiny version of herself!  She’s got all her facial features and hair and is even sucking her thumb and yawning…. CUTE HUH!??!?!?  I get such a cute mental picture when I envision the lil’ fanny pack in my belly… hahaha… omg… perhaps for this blog I will call her Fanny.


Supposedly Fanny is passing the time with all sorts of flips and kicks and turns and punches… but last week at our doctor’s appointment we found out the placenta is actually in between baby and my belly so I have been cushioned from Fanny’s karate moves so far. Fanny is also floating in amniotic fluid and from what I understand is actually taking some of that in… in turn learning how to chow down.  I suppose she is actually taking in some of the tastes and what not from my menu.  From what I have been eating… baby probably doesn’t really love Monday through Friday cause I try to eat pretty healthy BUUUTTTT weekends, baby most likely lovvveesss weekends.  That’s where I have been indulging in pizza, candy, wedding cake and other delicious treats of that nature.  Sure… those are not really the best nutritional value but they make me smile… until after I eat them… and then I am in food regret. 


This weekend it seemed like it happened overnight almost… my belly sure has popped out!!! I finally had to take out my belly button ring…. HOLD UP>>> “A belly button ring?” you ask.  Ummm yesss… I am aware that belly rings are sooooo 2001-2002ish… and that’s fine cause that’s when I got mine… I just have left the thing in cause well… I figure that looked better than 2 tiny gaping holes that may be permanently in place.  So yes, I took it out because it was getting to be a lil’ uncomfy. 


As I navigate this new ever-changing body shape I have realized I’ve had my share of…. Let’s just call it DENIAL.  I bought a few maternity tops a while back but then the cheapie in me didn’t wanna spend more mula on anymore clothes hahaha.  Also… maybe I thought I could survive on my maxi dresses and skirts the entire pregnancy.  I know… dumb of me.  Now I know that’s not going to happen… Now I think shopping for new maternity clothes is seriously unavoidable.  So, looks like I am going shopping this week.  I wish I could get excited about that but, no… no I am not.