I am now what they call 22 weeks preggs… or 5 ½ months along.  Baby girl apparently looks like a skinny lil’ newborn in my belly.  She just needs to beef up a bit.  Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash… or as my hubbs likes to call it a nerf football.  Baby girl is now on a sleeping schedule in my womb sleeping 12-14 hours a day… if only that would just carry over after baby comes out of the womb!! Ha… I know I know… wishful thinking.  In any case baby girl is moving around when she isn’t sleepin’ discovering new movements and abilities like sucking her thumb and wiggling her fingers… how cute!! 

It’s funny because up until now I am not sure I have really felt baby… maybe once or twice… maybe.  But over the weekend hubbs and I were watching tv and I DEFINITLEY felt her!! I mean… none of these little flutters or bubbles… we have just skipped that stage because of the placement of my placenta.  Now… they are full on ninja moves and cartwheels in there!!   I decided at that moment to see if the blogs I have been reading are right… would I really be able to feel these kicks from the outside of my belly?!?!? I put my hand on the bump…. And sure enough!!!  There it was… a nice uppercut straight in to my lower ab! Haha!  So I told hubbs to come over and give it a try.  It took her a sec to wind up another karate kick but it happened and hubby’s eyes got really big and that was followed by a huge smile!!  He felt her too!  It was such a cute little moment.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget his facial expression at that time… it was really precious. 

There’s a blog that talks about how right around 22 weeks some women feel sexier than ever because your boobs get all huge and your libido rises and what not… and I wanna meet these women… and pick their brain.  I’d love to learn from them cause maybe I am just bein’ a negative nancy but I just feel like a frumpy cow.  I am still constantly out of breath… out of energy… and full of raging hormones that make me quite irritable.  On top of that, my bump has been growing which is great… but sooooo many other places have been growing too… my ass… my back-fat… my love handles… my arms… my face etc. etc…which to me is not great.  Not great at all.  I know that weight gain just comes with the territory here but it’s def not something that makes me feel amazing. 

I do feel good about the fact that WE HAVE COMPLETED OUR REGISTRY! I am so thankful my sister and my mom came with hubbs and I.  They were lifesavers!  It was (dare I say) actually really fun!  My siblings are hilarious.  It was such a weight lifted off my shoulder to be able to check that one off the list J