How far a along are you?  “Well… a little over 6 months.”  Saying that isn’t quite as exciting as a definite mile marker but that’s where we are people.  Baby is described by the blogs this week as a cauliflower… or rutabaga in size…which of course is silly because last week it was a footlong hotdog sooooooo.  Here’s what I know… baby is starting to fill out a lil… get a lil’ meat on her bones if you will.  She can actually feel the sensation of touch now and her little hands are pretty much fully formed.  Sometimes I am sure I can feel her pushing my belly out with both hands but who knows.  She has definite resting periods and major movement times, look at her already dabbling in time management! 

This weekend we got to see baby in 3d/4d form… we of course caught her in one of her resting periods and she seemed so irritated when we were trying to wake her up haha!!  It gave me hope that she will be as obsessed as I am about loving sleep! Yes, still wishful thinking but you should have seen this wee one.  It was great.  I mean look at her… she’s like… ummmm leeeaavveee me alone!!!


 Anywho….  that note I have to tell you about this ultrasound!!! There’s 2 guys… they are twins… and their business name is “WOMBMATES” and they have a mobile ultrasound…how genius is that?!??  I wanna give out their website cause they were so great….. so there you go.  James (one of the twins) came to our house… hooked the machine up to the TV and voila, my whole family got a peek inside my belly.  We were using the full scope of technology cause we got my dad on skype so he could be there too!  It was such a cool experience.  At one point I found myself cracking up because the still shot of baby on the screen looked exactly like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons!!! LOL… seriously look at this…




As far as I go… things are pretty much the same as last week although sleeping is starting to become a challenge and that sucks.  And by that I just mean it’s a little harder to get comfy… so I guess I don’t have it that bad.  I just loooveee me my sleep and am cherishing the last few months of sleep I get!  Ohhh and I do feel like I am starting to get a handle on the things we need to do.  We got a crib!!!  And last night our infant car seat arrived!! Slowly… very slowly… but surely we are starting to check things off the list!