Holy moly 28 weeks means we made it to 7 months preggs!!!  Which technically makes me think… wahoooooo only 2 months to go… then I realize, they lie when they say you are pregnant for nine months… cause I’ll be damned if I don’t have 11/12 more weeks till my due date.  I’m no mathematician but that means I still have 3 months to go… what kind of crap is that?!?!? Lol 


Baby is around 15-16 inches-ish and around 2.5 pounds.  Everything is getting fine tuned with baby right now… from her brain to her lungs, all systems a-go until… well, all systems are a go haha.  Her baby fat is starting come in and plump her up.  It’s totally trippy to me to think that since she has all kinds of brain activity, she is just in there… thinking… and quite possibly dreaming… and thinking… I mean, what is she thinking about?!?!?  I just picture her in there… in in the semi-dark thinking to herself… whaaaat the heeeeeeccccckkkkk is going on, ooohhhh what’s this pointy thing on my hand… I shall put it in my mouth. From what I can imagine the wee one is discovering all sorts of new and exciting things as she hones in on her smarts.  Pretty cool stuff.


I have definitely noticed the heartburn and indigestion picking up… which is just lovely, not!!!  I’m also gaining perspective on that “uncomfortable-time” of pregnancy people chat about.  Before, I just thought isn’t the entire run of this pregnancy thing uncomfortable??? Now, this belly and my urination schedule has really started to cut in on my sleep time which doesn’t please me of course.  Also, as my belly continues to get bigger… simple daily tasks such as sitting down and tying my shoes have become full on productions!   I also seem to be a super klutz… like, I literally ran in to 3 different walls this week and just barely escaped what would have been a run in with a tarantula!!! Balance… gotta remember how to do that… watch where I am going… gotta remember to do that too. 


It also seems that the pregnancy hormones in charge of irritating me have re-charged their batteries and picked right back up leaving me in less than pleasant moods on the daily.  I’d like to apologize to those around me… but then again they are annoying me so I’ll wait and and do that later haha!!! I literally have moments where I tell myself… hey, you need to snap the heck out of it. Sometimes I can actually snap out of it… other times, not so much.  I am working on it though.


Oh and OMG… I read somewhere that this week or maybe even earlier in pregnancy you can squeeze your boobs and colostrum may leak out?!?!? Ummmm… I shall save that little dog and pony trick till I have to whip mah boobies out to feed baby.  Thank the Lord above I don’t have that junk leaking out already which I hear can happen… just leak out… at random times… leaking… like a faucet… omg… seriously??!?!? Who coined that phrase the “joys of pregnancy,” WHO!??!?


My step mom threw me a baby shower in Denver a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun and amazing… and THIS WEEKEND… my mom and sisters are throwing me a baby shower here!!! I love showers and gatherings like this even when they aren’t thrown for me… I love girl gatherings with delicious food and cheesy games!!! I know some people dread the games but, I seriously get really into them haha!!  So much fun.  I am really really looking forward to that!!


One thing I am NOT looking forward to is going to get my glucose test thingy… not that I think I may have gestational diabetes (which I guess is a possibility but that’s not what bothers me about it).  I am dreading  not eating or drinking anything 2 hours before going in to my appointment an hour early to drink that overly sweet beverage… then still NOT EATING for another hour till they can test me… ummm…. Baby needs food mmmmkay??? I am hungry like every 1.5 hours… and thirsty… and that whole process sounds so miserable to me!!! I’m actually getting hungry just thinking about it!!!