Soooo here we are… a whopping 29 weeks down and 11 weeks till DUE DATE CENTRAL.  Remember when I had a cute little fruit or object to compare baby’s size to each week??? Yea… at this point she has pretty much almost reached her full length and just continues to plump up soooo I have nothin’ for you other than to say I guess she is about 15 inches-ish… and perhaps around 2.7 lbs.  CUTE HUH?!?!?  Jk.. I know that doesn’t give a great mental picture.  She is growing though… just more mentally and internally which of course needs to happen to get her all ready to come be with us!  I do know she had her baby teeth buds before and this week she has her permanent teeth buds all formed… CHOMPERS>>> YAAAAY! Our lil’ one also is at an important milestone… her brain has developed the ability to regulate her body temperature!  Of course she will need to keep warm in my womb as all her other functions are developed and she can keep warm all on her own. 

It’s kind of crazy to me how much things change every week with me too!!! I have seen the return of those pesky and ridiculously painful leg cramps… I have been eating bananas cause that’s the advice I got when these lil’ turds woke me from my peaceful slumber weeks ago.  While the cramps subsided for a few weeks, I was unpleasantly surprised the other night with a couple of dooooozies!!! YOUCH!!! Also, it seems like overnight… or maybe even just the last week… I have lost vision of my lower lady parts… LOL!!! My belly is now so big I can’t see what’s goin on down there (not like I regularly check it out or anything hahaha).  I bring this up (sorry if that was TMI) because I was somewhat horrified to see what a few blogs recommended I begin this week… the perineal massage… ummmmmmmmmmm do people actually do this?!??!  Ummm… yea… I love how it says… your partner can even help you!! Cause that is so super sexy haha!!! I think it is safe to say I will be skipping this pre-labor ritual. 

 Also… I had always heard of pregnant women begging their hubby’s for foot rubs… I have never been one to desire said rub.  But, I am definitely starting to feel the weight I have put on… if I am on my feet for too long, MAN DO THEY START HURTING!  The other night I slowly sat on the couch (the wrong way) so my back was where my bum should have been and just held my legs in the sky and told my hubbs… geeeeeee I am gonna have to get a pedicure soon with a looonnnggg foot massage!!! Perhaps that was a sort of hint hint to the hubbs even though I really didn’t expect anything and guess what he did next?!!! Well, I’ll be darned if he didn’t pick up on my pain and just start with a lil’ mini foot rub!!! Isn’t he THE BEST!??!?