BABY SHOWER #1 WENT DOWN THIS WEEKEND!!!!  My step mom threw me and baby girl a "Baby Glam" Baby shower in Denver... and it was gorgeous!!!  Just look at this table of goodies!!!  

My mom was able to fly out for the shower too... so here is me with my step mom and my mom :) My mom's face is hilarious... love you mom!!! 


One of my cousins at the shower is pregnant too... with triplets!!! Holy moly bless her heart!!!  She is 17 weeks along... I am 27 weeks along so we decided to compare our growing baby bumps!!!


We played a game where everyone brought a onesie that had a hint of their personality and we had to guess who brought which one... my sisters Heather and Jenny's were easy to guess!! haha... The one I am sporting was one my aunt brought it made me laugh!!! Can't wait to dress our little girl up in all the cute outfits that we were showered with!!!

I got to spend some good time with my grandma she cracks me up... still sharp as a nail and witty as all get out.  Just love her so much!

I have to say I felt super loved that my family was there and even some of my step mom's fab friends came to celebrate the wee-one growing in me! :) Such great people!!!!

All in all... I am so thankful for this weekend our lil' one got lots of new clothes and goodies galore!!! B-ster... you threw an incredible shower thank you so so so much for all of your hard work!!! I can't wait for the little one to meet you!!!