I still can’t get over the cantaloupe comparison for this week… and what trips me out even more is the baby is only getting’ bigger!  It’s been an interesting week and  as we are progressing I have realized I need to take a major chill pill.  I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to get done before baby girl gets here and now I have welcomed some new friends because of that stress… a few lovely and quite large zits.  I did have a few weeks where I thought I had that all under control… however it seems as though the stress re-opened the door for those lil’ bastards… can you tell I am really excited about it?!??!



 We had a check up at the doctor’s office this week where I was asked how I am feeling.  I did say I had felt a little…. MEH.  I actually feel like I have been somewhat of a dark cloud to everyone around me for a while now.  I hate that because generally, I feel like I am a super happy person.  I like bringing smiles to people’s faces… and lately I really haven’t felt like I have done that.  For a while I think I was blaming everyone around me for putting me in a bad mood… just typing that makes me sound ridiculous haha!! But, it’s true… I was so irritated at everyone.  I even talked about it in my blog… and for a some time I could snap my self out of it or keep my rage on the inside… but I think what that started to do was slowly eat me alive and make me a semi-miserable person.  Anywho… when I mentioned that the doctor started asking me a series of questions and then said occasionally postpartum depression can start while the babe is still in the womb. 


 OMg… what a depressing blog… SORRY!!! Now I am projecting my meh-ness on you! Ok… it gets better.  I think just talking about it with the doctor and really mentally making effort to just be happy has really started to turn things around.  Does that sound crazy??  Maybe it does… I do think I have been a little crazy lately.  I don’t think I am dealin’ with postpartum… the doc agrees… and so sometimes you gotta take life like a bull… grab the horns and dominate.  So that’s what I’m doin. 


 On that note… I am just gonna take all of this one day and one task at a time… ok maybe a slight multi-task is in order I have a lot of crap to do… but I’m not gonna stress over it… I know that will make me all smiles again… and hey as a bonus these zits may disappear with the stress… I’ll keep crossin’ my fingers…