.... IT'S A GIRL!!!!!


Today we had one of the coolest gender reveals I could ever dream of!!! I mean honestly… my idea of a lil’ “Guns or Glitter” party was cute and all… but  Jennifer Lopez …. THE JENNIFER LOPEZ… gave us our “gender reveal”!!!! HOLY MOOOOOLYYYYYY right?!??! How many people can say that?!?!?  We are 2 lucky peeps.  Now I know some people get roweled up over the phrase “gender reveal” cause really it’s the “sex reveal” so…. If that irked ya… I apologize.  But, WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!

My husband was soooo stinken adorable… literally tears started to well up in his eyes because he was sooo excited! He has been hoping for a girl.... and in my gut I felt that it was.  I know I said I was hoping for a boy, I think I felt that way because you always hear what special bond mothers have with their sons and I felt like that would be super awesome.   In the actual moment, I honestly did have one split second of disappointment.  I feel guilty for even admitting that really.   But, when it really comes down to it, my bond with my mom is so strong and incredible... I can't wait to have that with my daughter.  ANNNNDDDD I have so many incredible nieces so I know how being around little girls is sooooo much fun I really am looking forward to this new and exciting chapter of our lives!

I know when it comes to pregnancy everyone has super dooooooper strong opinions about things and some have fired criticism as to how I have reacted to my journey so far.  Apparantly I am not gaining enough weight… and because I have been pretty open about some of the less positive feelings I have been having apparently I am not appreciating the miracle that is happening within my body…. And so on and so forth. SOOOOOO part of me is hesitating on sharing my inner thoughts and feelings.  BUUUTTTTTTTTT.... I know that just because I may not enjoy being pregnant so far doesn't mean that I don't know how incredible it is that I am even able to have a wee one in my belly... and it certainly doesn't mean that I am not thankful every second of every day for this blessing. And as far as the weight goes... I have gained 10 pounds since I found out baby girl was in my womb.  And since my doctor said I would most likely gain 20-30lbs while I am preggs... and I am half way.... looks like I am right on track for pete's sake!!!   Having said that.... screw the haters... I will continue to share the good and the bad of what I go through.  So, I suppose that's all I have to say about that.

Now on with it... today was soooo exciting and our friendly intern Grant was taping the whole moment when JENNIFER LOPEZ told hubbs and I we are having a girl!!! So here ya go... the video ;)