Perfect manners, a friendly disposition and the heart of a champ! Tippy knows that she's somebody's "dream dog." She just has to find them! This beautiful darling was found in October as an emaciated stray. Although she lacked quality care, Tippy obviously belonged to someone, because she was sporting a brand new manicure complete with a fresh coat of nail polish! Tired Tippy was rushed to the veterinarians at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, where it was determined that her declining health was the result of Valley Fever. After a few weeks of fluconazole and a lot of love in foster care, Tippy is now looking and feeling fabulous! Her foster family absolutely adores her and appreciates what a courteous guest she's been. Tippy is house trained, crate trained, excellent with dog of various sizes and so eager to please. She has the perfect amount of energy and always respects others' belongings. Tippy is going to make some lucky person tremendously happy. Could it be you? All Tippy asks in return for her years of devotion is that you help her manage her Valley Fever.

If you could be Tippy's long-awaited hero, please call the Humane Society at (520)327-6088 and ask to arrange a meet and greet with this very special Hidden Gem. You'll be glad you did!