V. Stiviano - the mistress of the racist NBA Basketball team owner, Donald Sterling, apparently is no stranger to the criminal system with 4 crimes and 5 aliases, even changing her race!

2002 -- Stiviano was arrested by LAPD for petty theft as a 5'4" 128 lb Hispanic woman named Vanessa Maria Perez.  She was convicted and placed on probation.

2004 -- Stiviano was arrested for petty theft and felony burglary. And used the nameVanessa Maria Perez  but this time she's taller and thinner -- a 5'8" 115 lb Hispanic woman.

2010 -- She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance -- a felony.  This time as Vanessa Maria Perez again, but as a black woman, weighing in at 5'7" and 125 lbs.

2012 -- Stiviano later was arrested for a DUI.  This time as Monica Gallegos, a 5'7" 110 lb black woman. 

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