Elon Musk Is The Real Life Iron Man! SpaceX and The Boring Company.

The Boring Company has already begun testing its tunneling concept in Los Angeles. Musk shared an image of the company’s efforts on social media last October. At the time, the Tesla CEO said the tunnel was 500 feet long, with plans to stretch along Interstate 405 from Los Angeles International Airport to route 101 within about a year.

Elon Musk is our very own modern day Iron Man and he's having fun with it! The Boring Company has vowed to use only private funding to facilitate for its tunnel construction (cars traveling through underground light rails), the company has turned to various product sales to fund its efforts. Musk sold 50,000 hats last year for $20 each, and then moved onto flamethrowers in recent weeks. 

Via: Fox Business

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Whats incredible is that it is carrying its first passenger-- a red Tesla roadster. Loren Grush spoke to CEO Elon Musk about the launch and what this means for the future of space travel, as well as Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye. The Falcon Heavy now holds the title for the world’s most powerful rocket, and its launch marks the first time a vehicle this massive has ever been sent up by a commercial company.

Via: TheVerge

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