Selena Gomez Talks Therapy, New Music, & More In Candid Interview

In Selena Gomez's first interview of 2019, the 26-year-old singer got extremely candid about her past year out of the spotlight, her believe in therapy, and public misconceptions about who she is.

"I don't really think that people know my heart," Selena explained during the 30-minute podcast interview. "I think that sometimes people may think that I politically say the right thing or I'm safe or I've been trained to speak this way. I don't know how to be trained, like how on earth would somebody be training me to speak things?"

"I think that a lot of people don't understand my heart, you know?" she continued. "And I also don't like that, it can be sometimes about appearance too. I don't really appreciate people judging me on my looks, or anything like that."

Selena went on to explain that she wants to be seen and respected for more than her outward appearance. "I just think that the world today, with so much exposure to's great to dress up and to feel beautiful and to do those things, but...and I'm flattered when, maybe, guys are like, 'You're pretty.' I am, it's just not...I would just love someone to love me for the person that I am," Selena shared before reflecting on her time out of the spotlight in 2018.

"Last year, I took a lot of time off," she said. "I think that I needed a moment to myself because I do feel like I was growing and changing." It's that growth and change that seemed to fuel Selena's decision to not only step back from the public eye but truly focus on understanding herself better, which took her looking back at her childhood.

So, when she was asked what advice she would tell her younger self, Selena's first piece of advice was rooted in what she's learned in therapy. "Gosh, if I knew what I know now. No, you know, I think it's...I am a believer of therapy. So, I think that I have had opportunities where I kinda reflect on the younger me, and I think that a lot of the times I wished that I could hug my younger self," she explained. "I wish I could have done and experienced a lot of things, maybe, a little differently. But, I...I go to therapy."

As for what Selena's fans can expect from her for the remainder of 2019, Selena said she's cooking up a new album, which is coming out later this year that will have no collaborations on it. "Working on this new record, I just wanted it to be me, all me. Every song is a story I’ve experienced," she shared. "To that point, I think there’s no one who’s going to tell my story better than myself. I just really wanted to kind of just live with my story a bit and create it into something that means a lot to me."

"I'm looking forward to my album and I'm looking forward to spending time alone," she added. "I think I'm finally, finally, finally at the age where I love being alone."

Photo: Getty Images


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