Wait...Is 'The Office' Leaving Netflix Soon?

The Office - Season 9

According to a new Nielsen report, Netflix users are spending more time streamingThe Office than any other show on their platform. Despite this, though, the mega-popular sitcom may be leaving Netflix in the near future. NBC is launching their own streaming platform, so, it makes sense they'd want one of their most successful shows of all time to live there.

The Wall Street Journal reports that NBC is discussing taking back the show in 2021, which is when Netflix's rights to the show expire. The streaming giant responded to the report on Wednesday (April 24), reassuring fans that The Office isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "Hello it's me with your regularly scheduled reminder that The Office will be on Netflix until 2021 — at least!," they shared on Twitter.


This isn't the first time Netflix has been confronted with the possibility of losing the rights to one of its most streamed shows. AT&T (WarnerMedia's parent company) is also launching a streaming service in 2020 and they want Friends to live on their platform. The beloved '90s sitcom is Netflix's second-most-streamed show, though, so they dropped a cool $100 million to keep the rights.

While Netflix has some time to decide whether they will do the same for The Office, chances are the Dunder Mifflin Gang will have a new home in 2021.

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