How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Hollywood And The Entertainment World

There's no question this coronavirus outbreak is frightening to say the least. Hand sanitizer, soap and masks are flying off the shelves. People have taken a big precaution while traveling and have been seen wearing masks like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwenyth Paltrow. However, many medical experts have said that wearing such masks is not an effective way to fight against the coronavirus, and the U.S. Surgeon has urged people to stop buying them to avoid causing a shortage.

As of right now the 2020 Olympics are still going to take place in Tokyo in July. The Bachelorette is going to stay home rather the going overseas due to health concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak. And its finally music festival season!!! This is the time of year everyone looks forward to and as of right now coachella is still happening besides the outbreak. The Los Angeles Times says "One of our tasks is to survey any large event in the county over the next several months, and we've been reaching out to organizers to have conversations. We're not ready to pull the trigger on anything, but we want to make sure we can protect the community."

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