Constantly Posting Selfies? You May Have Selfitis

According to The Sun, if you're constantly posting selfies, you may have a mental disorder called "Selfitis."  Researchers say that those who suffer from Selfitis are 

(1) Generally seeking to boost their confidence; 

(2) Seek attention; 

(3) Improve their mood; 

(4) Make memories; 

(5) Conform with their social group; and 

(6) Be socially competitive.  

If you're wondering if you suffer from Selfitis, keep scrolling down...


If you're wondering if you suffer from Selfitis, answer the 20 questions on The Sun's website.  Answer questions on a scale from one to five.  Five means you strongly agree, one means that you don't agree at all.  The highest score possible is 200...the higher you score, the greater the chances are that you suffer from Selfitis.  CLICK HERE & scroll down to the bottom of the article to answer the 20 questions.


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