Cyndi & Chris Present A Gadabout Gift Card to Ms. Koontz at Cienega High School for Teacher Appreciation Week

We had the great opportunity of stopping by Cienega yesterday to award Ms. Koontz with a Gadabout gift card for Teacher Appreciation Week. We asked our listeners to nominate their favorite teacher, and the responses for Ms. Koontz were overwhelming. The students had the nicest things to say about her, and it was an honor to read what the students wrote about Ms. Koontz. What a great day! We love our teachers!


Here are some of the things students at Cienega High School had to say about Ms. Koontz:

"She is a kind and wonderful teacher who deserves all the respect she is given and more. She's more than just a World History teacher, she's a friend. She's someone we can confide in and trust. Ms. Koontz is so dedicated to her kids in the classroom as well as on the volleyball courts, focusing on making them feel welcome and at home. She treats her students and players as if they were her own, she truly cares and is concerned about our well-being. She also makes class fun, she makes me excited to learn about the growing populations and the Industrial Revolution. If anyone deserves this, it's Ms. Koontz"

"She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She makes AP seem so fun and worth your time!"

"She makes class fun and her style of teaching is entertaining for all her students. She brightens up the day with her sense of humor and her witty personality. She has such a great connection with all the kids and other teachers in the school and a great friend to the community. She has put in so much work and it would be nice to see her get recognized for all that she does. Please nominate the best teacher in the world, Ms. Koontz"

"She is the most amazing teacher in the world. She makes class fun and she is a very easy person to talk with about any problem"

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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