Halsey Makes Powerful Speech at Women's March

Over the weekend, Halsey joined in on the movement when she took to the 2018 Women's March in New York City to open up about her sexual assault experience and her five minutes at the podium was moving from beginning to end.


Instead of opting for a typical speech, the pop star decided to recite a poem, which detailed her multiple experiences with sexual assault and rape. Titled "A Story Like Mine," the 23-year-old singer went through a number of traumatic moments, including being assaulted as a child in 2002, being forced to have sex with a boyfriend in 2012 and then being assault once again by a man that she trusted in 2017.

"A Story Like Mine" kicked off with Halsey detailing an experience that occurred when she was just 14-years-old. At the time, she decided to accompany her best friend Sam to Planned Parenthood after her friend was raped by a man that they both knew in the after-school program. Read the full transcript of the speech below.

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