Katy Perry stuffs face full of chicken nuggets

Katy Perry took her love of snacking and chicken nuggets to new heights while appearing on a Japanese TV show this week.

The star appeared on the morning show “Sukkiri” on Thursday where she literally stuffed her face full of nuggets from the country’s convenience store chain, Lawson. In the video , it looks like she was presented with several different flavors of the fried treats and quickly proceeded to shove one after the other in her mouth. All the while, the co-hosts of the show were laughing uproariously and shouting at her to stop.

Eventually, Perry found herself in a predicament as her mouth was too full to chew. Looking dejected, she grabs an empty box and spits a hunk of chewed chicken nuggets inside. As this happened, the show’s regular hosts continued to laugh and attempted to cover her gross moment from the camera.

As Us Weekly notes, this isn’t the first time the star has demonstrated her propensity for snacking on camera.

“I have snacks under the desk, I love to eat, I love to snack . . . I love chicken nuggets,’” Perry revealed during the Sunday, March 25, episode of ABC’s singing competition, “American Idol.” During auditions, she was reportedly seen eating a salad, pizza and crackers.

You can watch the moment in question above, but be warned it might kill your appetite for chicken nuggets.

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