Suri Cruise Turns 12 And Looks Just Like Mom Katie Holmes!

On April 18, 2006, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gave birth to a little girl at a Santa Monica, California hospital. They named their daughter Suri, which Tom believed meant "red rose" in Persian and "princess" in Hebrew, but some linguists say it actually means "from Syria" in Hebrew.  

The press had been aware of Suri's upcoming arrival for months with headlines about Katie's pregnancy and relationship with Tom on the covers of many gossip magazines. Among the stories was that Tom allegedly bought an expensive sonogram machine so he and Holmes could track Suri's development. 

Once Suri was born, the paparazzi struggled to get a shot of the baby, but it was Vanity Fair that scored the first official photo of Suri, selling 70,000 copies of the issue that had the pic on its cover. 

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