Beyonce & Solange Fall Onstage At Coachella and It's Endearing!

Last weekend, Beyoncé slayed so hard with her performance at Coachella that the music festival was renamed Beychella. This past weekend, the star continued with her amazing show, as she closed out the event.

Like the star's first set, Bey's performance was HBCU-inspired. It had the marching band, dancers, steppers and more; as Queen Bey rocked the crowd with a select number of her chart-topping singles from over the years. She even invited husband, JAY-Z, fellow members of Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and her sister, Solange, onstage like last time. But, there were still some twists in the show. 

For instance, Bey invited J Balvin onstage with her to perform their joint single "Mi Gente." Bey also changed up her color scheme for her and her dancers' college-inspired outfits. Though the entire set was another one for the books, there was a minor mishap that ended up being adorable. While her little sister was onstage with her, Bey and Solange tried doing a dance move that ended with the two of them on the stage floor. 

Bey tried picking Solange up. But, they both tumbled down. That didn't stop the fun, though! On the ground, they both playfully began kicking -- an impromptu dance move -- and laughing. "Give it up for my sister, ya'll!" Bey said. Check out the funny moment below. 

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