Taylor Swift Rides a Unicorn Cat in New Commercial and It's Awesome!

Taylor Swift stars alongside her cat in a brand new commercial -- well, a version of her cat anyway. 

The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer's cat, Olivia Benson, gets supersized and turned into a unicorn in the commercial, released on Thursday morning, as Olivia gives her owner a ride through an enchanted forest. 

Swift, wearing a rainbow sweatshirt and shorts to match Olivia's rainbow unicorn horn, smiles at the camera as they travel through the forest, before Olivia leaps through the air and lands on a mountain, with Swift safe and sound, of course. 

"Catch me throwing sparkles out of a gold satchel while riding an elephant-sized unicorn version of my cat through a magical forest because I’m a very subtle person," Swift captioned the clip on Instagram, adding the hashtag "#caticorn." 

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