You Decide! Are These The Worst Halloween Candies?


Halloween is right around the corner and if you haven’t yet picked out the candy you plan to give out, be sure to read this. There are some "treats" out there that, if you hand them out, you are sure to get your place covered in toilet paper. 

Here are 20 terrible candies to avoid giving out on October 31st: 

20. Milk Duds – By definition, a dud is a bad thing, so you should heed the warning in the name of this candy. It wouldn’t shock anyone if the American Dental Association funded Milk Duds because the candy is stickier than Super Glue and is sure to both pull out any dental work in your mouth and cause you to get more dental work, since the candy finds it’s way into all the crevices in your molars and sits as your teeth rot away beneath it. Also, it looks like rabbit poop.

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