McDonald's Adds To Their Breakfast Menu! First Time Since 2013!

Five years later and McDonald's is finally adding to their Breakfast Menu!

No new items have been added to the menu since 2013, so if you love their breakfast, this is somethign to be excited about?

Any guesses to what they're adding?

Well! Here it is!

McDonald's is now adding Triple Breakfast Stack Sandwiches!

The sandwiches will feature triple the meat and were inspired by "menu hackers."

Triple Breakfast Stacks will include two sausage patties, American cheese, bacon and egg.

You'll have the choice to choose a McMuffin, a biscuit or McGriddles.

Menu Hackers were ordering these sandwiches by ordering multiple items and putting them together, so McDonald's came up with the idea to add them to their menu! 

These sandwiches will only be available for a limited time starting on November 1st.

Will you be trying one?!

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