Gen Z Teen Accidentally Sent Millennials Into An Existential Panic

Alyssa Lucas is a 17-year-old from Baltimore who proudly claims her Gen Z identity.

However, Lucas did not know her simple existence as a young person on the internet would send thousands of Gen X'ers and millennials into a collective crisis over the weekend.

On Saturday, Lucas told BuzzFeed News she was at a local Best Buy when she overheard a conversation about "how everyone used to burn CDs and make mixtapes."

(Lucas confirms she has seen, touched, and owned a CD before, but she's much more familiar with consuming music exclusively through streaming services, like Spotify.)

The conversation she overheard had her wondering about how CDs actually function. Specifically, she wondered how you copy data over from one CD to another, aka "burning CDs."

So, the teen thought to ask Twitter, and she sent this innocuous tweet.

"How did people burn CDs?" she asked the open internet. "Like how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it?"

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