Beanie Baby's That Could Be Worth Some Money!

If you are cleaning out your attic, don't throw away your Beanie Babies!

Beanie Babies are now worth a lot of money right now.

Who would of thought that in the year 2018, your Beanie Babies would be worth money!

Some of them are even worth some serious cash!

If you got rid of yours, you might regret it after you see how much some of them are now worth.

For a full list of the Beanie Babies that are worth some serious cash, click here!

1. Large Wallace & His Friends: $680,000

2.Princess Bear: $675,000

3.Large Ariel & her friends: $578,000

4.Large Peace and his friends: 358,000

5. Bubbles: $176,000

6. Blackie: $50,000

7. Spangle: $1,289

8. Turkey: $6,667

9. Snort: $7,500

Can you believe some of these Beanie Babies are worth that much?!

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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