Tucsonan is Walking Across the Country for Her Son

We got a chance to talk to Divina about her son Pedro, who passed away last year, and the journey it is about to take her on. 

Her son was an organ donor. After he passed away, his heart, kidneys, and liver saved the lives of four people. 

To celebrate Pedro's life and the life he was able to give others, Divina is doing something incredible. She is planning to WALK across the country from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida, encouraging others to register to become organ donors. For every mile that she walks (around 3800 total), she hopes to get someone to register in Pedro's honor. 

Chris and I have both felt the impact of organ donation. My mother had a kidney transplant that saved her life 12 years ago. Chris's father had a liver transplant that gave him another 13 years of life. 

We are so touched by Divina's story, and what she plans to do starting in July 2019. You can hear more about it on our podcast here. We think you'll be touched by it too. 


You can also register to be an organ donor in honor of Divina and her son Pedro at the link below

Become an Organ Donor


We love you Divina, and we wish you all the best on your journey!  

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