Non-Christmas Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

We had so much fun talking about this on our show! 

There are certain movies we love to watch this time of year that aren't necessarily holiday centered movies, but we like to watch them during the holiday season. Here are some of our faves. 


The Sound of Music

(Or anything with Julie Andrews really...)


My favorite things is like an unofficial Christmas song anyways so why not right? 


The Wizard of Oz 


Nothing will warm your heart like this classic musical that you can watch over and over. It's cinematic perfection. 


Die Hard


The most un Christmas Christmas movie of them all! 




Nothing brings the kid inside you out more than watching a movie about a literal big kid. Tom Hanks for the Win 

Harry Potter


There's something about these magical movies that put you in the holiday spirit. Not to mention Christmas-time at Hogwarts is dreamy! Also, would someone please make me a Weasley sweater?? 




Mary Poppins 


Once again proving anything with Julie Andrews is Christmas season-worthy


What's your favorite Non-Christmas "Christmas" movie?? 

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