Cyndi's Christmas Tree is FINALLY up!

This year the Christmas tree has been a saga of drama


Here's the story- 

My mom gave me her old tree because she wanted an upgrade. We were so excited to take this one off her hands. 

We set it up right away, and we noticed the middle lights had gone out. 


Because I'm a crazy person, we decided that it would be best to take all the lights off so we could string it with whatever lights we wanted in the future, 

We spent TWO HOURS taking off all the zipties and clips to remove the lights. It was annoying, but totally worth it. Now we have creative control of how to light our tree, and we weren't wasting! 


Then I went to buy more lights, strung them on the tree, and hung up the ornaments. After all that I stood back to admire my work and noticed that half of the lights I had just purchased had GONE OUT! 

Cue. the. rage. 


So I take off all the ornaments I just put up and take off the lights to return to the store. 

I plug them in ONE MORE time just to check if they were really out... and they come back on again. So I restring the lights and put up the ornaments. 

After all that, the tree is finally up and ready! And you know what? It was 100% worth it. Definitely a Christmas tree to remember. 


Hopefully my cat doesn't tear it down after all that :P

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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