Cyndi Took Mom to the Ostrich Ranch for Her B-day

After 15+ Years We Finally Did It

Growing up in Tucson, we have driven past the Ostrich Ranch by Picacho Peak a million times. My mom would always comment from the car, "I want to go see the ostriches," but we never went. It became a running joke in our family every time we drove to Phoenix and back. "Next time," my dad would respond. 

My wife and I decided that enough was enough and we were FINALLY going to take her to see the ostriches. Saturday morning we drove out to Picacho Peak. It was a beautiful cloudy morning, and we were ready for adventure. 

PS How cute are my parents with this snapchat filter?!?!? 


I knew we were going to have fun, but it was even better than we expected. 


First of all, there are SO many animals at Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch! 

All of them were so well taken care of and happy with lots of space to roam around and be away from people if they wanted. 

We saw donkeys,



We saw deer



(and their babies!)

We saw goats, 


And of course, Osctriches!



Feeding them was kind of scary because they are so snippy taking the food.


After that amazing experience there was still MORE to see! 

We fed bunnies and chickens and ducks, and lorikeets (which was totally a highlight) 

The lorikeets drink this sugar water you bring in. They were SO cute and friendly.


Last on our stop was the sting rays.

I know, I know. Sting Rays in the desert?!? They are in a shaded area and have lots of room to roam, not overcrowded at all. We fed them sushi grade calamari and they would swim up to you even when you didn't have food for belly pets. They felt like cooked mushrooms mixed with a wet vacuum. 


We had so much fun feeding all the animals, and my mom said it was totally worth the YEARS of waiting. 



Happy birthday, Mom! <3 

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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