Tucson Restaurants That Should Reopen!

Good restaurants don’t always stay open, even if they are worthy. Timing plays a critical role.

Although Tucson’s culinary scene may be stronger than ever, here are some restaurants we’d like to see reopen.


Was the Grill “good?” No. It was filthy and the service was terrible. But you can’t really blame them when dealing with rowdy drunkards after midnight was the norm.

If you were ever a debaucherous rascal in downtown Tucson before it became hip, you probably made memories there while eating a bowl of Cap’n Crunch or creamy pesto tater tots.


Depending on who you asked, people often described Pizzeria Bianco in one of two ways: as one of the best things in Tucson, or as the most overhyped restaurant.

We were big fans. James Beard award-winning chef Chris Bianco is a master at highlighting quality ingredients in a simple fashion. Although the price point was higher than what Tucson was used to for pizza, the price was justified with the ingredient quality and rent.

Although Bianco has apparently been on the hunt for the perfect spot for a permanent Tucson location, that day hasn’t come. Thankfully, we now have Anello to satisfy our cravings for artisanal pizza and wood-fired local produce.


Service at Zachary’s was often atrocious, but it was conveniently close to campus and the deep dish pizza was excellent. Thankfully, we still have Rocco’s around.


Jeff Azersky and James Murphy from Kingfisher opened another seafood restaurant in the Casas Adobes area. They closed after a 10-year run since they couldn’t come to an agreeable lease deal with the landlords, sadly.

Kingfisher is still one of Tucson’s best places for seafood, even after 25 years in business.

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