Cyndi Went Skiing for the 1st Time in Flagstaff

I did something for the first time in my life over the weekend. I went skiing for the first time at the Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff. 


It was all part of a girl's weekend trip with my wife Erika, her sister Becky, and our good friend Sarah. We had so much fun exploring the city, walking around downtown drinking local beer and eating yummy pub food. 

We set out to ski the first full day of our trip. It was actually WAY more fun than I was expecting. 



After doing the bunny slopes a few times, my friend Sarah took me on the chair lift to the green slopes. I was TERRIFIED, but I did it anyway. And then I had my first wipe out.



I got right back up and kept going.... but a little slower this time. 

Then we went to see the Grand Canyon! It was only an hour and a half drive, so why not!


No winter weekend is complete without some sledding. 



Another highlight was on our last day there. It started snowing beautiful big snowflakes. Erika and her sister had never seen snow falling like this (growing up in Tucson) so of course we ran out and played in it! I especially liked Erika's "review" of falling snow.



All in all it was a really fun trip. I really felt like I got away even though it was only a 4 hour drive up to Flagstaff. I highly recommend making it a weekend if you can. 

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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