Pink or Blue Lasagna Gender Reveal Party!


Gender reveal parties have become very popular over the past few years with expecting parents.

And there have been so many ways to make the announcement of the sex of your unborn child in a spectacular fashion: balloons, confetti, a pink or blue cake, etc.

People have even gone so far as to make exploding baseballs, involving animals (remember the alligator?) and smoke bombs.

Now... one restaurant is offering their own reveal idea. Villa Italian Kitchen is offering a gender reveal lasagna! They will deliver you a lasagna that when cut in to, will be either pink or blue inside. 

The package includes one cheese lasagna that's either pink or blue inside (depending on the sex of your baby); a tray of garlic rolls; and your choice of either a garden, Caesar, or Greek salad. The package goes for $139.99, and it serves twelve people.

Some on the internet have voiced their opinions against the interesting looking meal. But the package comes with garlic rolls... so we love it!

Cyndi & Chris

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