Meet Rudolph The Miracle Puppy!

Rudolph the Labrador-American Pitbull mix was euthanized with an injection earlier this month, due to overcrowding at a shelter in Oklahoma.

But workers were surprised when they returned to the same room afterward and found the eight-month-old puppy had woken back up.

Rudolph has since been moved to Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill shelter in Davenport, Iowa.

Shelter worker Kylie Jo Mitchell told WQAD: "He's a miracle dog, absolutely. I've never heard of anything like this, ever. This is a first."

Rudolph's brush with death has made him a local celebrity. 

“Everybody has been really interested in this boy,” Mitchell said.

Kings Harvest Pet Rescue has confirmed that Rudolph has been adopted and they are confirming arrangements with the future family.

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