Cyndi's 6 Favorite Moments in Mexico City

My wife Erika and I had an incredible weekend in Mexico City over President's Day Weekend!

We went with Erika's good friend from high school, Chesney, and the three of us loved everything about our trip! The sights, the culture, the colorful buildings, the FOOD, everything!

These are the highlights of our trip:

1. Xochimilco- Known as the Venice of Mexico City, you can ride colorful gondola like boats down the water. Families get together and ride down the water with mariachis playing, buying tacos and micheladas along the water


We totally bought a couple micheladas on the trip!

And you can BRING drinks and food with you on the boats!


2. Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo's house): This is the house Frida Kahlo grew up in, where she painted most of her famous works, lived with Diego Rivera, and where she died. It was so cool to learn about her and her zest for life despite dealing with so many health issues.

3. Teotihuacan Pyramids- Just outside of Mexico city are some of the most incredible ruins I've ever seen. We took a bus out to see them, and we even got to climb up the two tallest ones!


4. Riding Bikes on Paseo De La Reforma: Every Sunday morning from 8am - 2pm, the main street shuts down for a few miles to open it up for bikes. We rented a few and road down the historic neighborhood to enjoy the sights. This really made us feel like locals too.


5. The Food: I will not lie to you, I ate my way through Mexico City. The tacos were amazing, and the mole was the best I've had in my LIFE! We got pretty adventurous trying local dishes like chapulines AKA GRASSHOPPERS!


The churros from El Moro were my favorite!

Rib Eye Tacos

The best chicharon tacos!!!

They make their corn tortillas from scratch!

6. The Markets: The Mercados were FULL of color, culture, and cool crafty items. There was not enough room in my suitcase to bring back all the things I wished for!

There is SO MUCH MORE I could gush about when it comes to our trip, but these are definitely the highlights. Follow me on instagram @Cyndila for more travel pics!

Cyndi & Chris

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