This Puppy Gets Emotional Watching The Lion King!

When it comes to watching The Lion King, there's always one scene that gets us emotional and you can probably guess which one we're talking about.

If you guessed when Simba reacts to the death of his dad, Mufasa then you are absolutely correct!

Well turns out we aren't the only one's that get emotional during this scene, but this 4-month old puppy gets emotional too!

Her owner posted a video of him and his dog Luna watching The Lion King together when it was time for that specific scene.

Luna was able to fully understand what was happening on the TV and started whimpering as her reaction.

The part that kills us is when Simba lays down next to his father is the exact same time Luna lays down as well.

As if that scene wasn't sad enough to see Luna sad too is absolutely heartbreaking.

Take a look at Luna reacting to The Lion King below:

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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