48 Hours in New York City with Cyndi

Hey it's Cyndi here! Over the weekend we took a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple to celebrate two years of marriage. It was fast, it was crazy, and it was awesome!

Of course there are the big spots you want to hit like Time Square, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty. But you can't fit EVERYTHING in 48 hours. We have both been to NYC before, so we hit some different spots. These were my top 5 not so obvious favorite parts of our quick trip.

1. The bagels.

New York City has the best bagels on the planet! There are great bagel shops all over the city. We tried a couple, but our favorite was Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee in Chelsea. Not only did they have the best bagels, but their cream cheese selection was so creative and delicious!

My personal favorite was a toasted sesame bagel with jalapeno asiago cream cheese and a couple slices of tomato. Heaven!

2. The shows: Erika and I saw a show each night we were there. I'm a total theatre nerd so I wouldn't have it any other way! We saw an Off Broadway play at the Cherry Lane Theater called Actually We're F**ked on Friday night. On Saturday we saw The Prom, a Broadway musical. Both were incredible for very different reasons!


3. Touring the iHeart NYC Studios: We were lucky enough to get an amazing tour of all the iHeart stations in New York City. I got to talk shop with some of the on air personalities, and get to know the staff.


4. The Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Station: Erika showed me this cool little secret! I guess there is a place in Grand Central that has an architectural flaw where if you talk into the corner, your voice will travel up across the ceiling and into the corner directly across from you. You can communicate with someone "in secret" across the busy terminal.


5. Central Park in the Snow: This was absolutely magical! It snowed both mornings we were in the city, and a friend recommended we go check out Central Park. We are so glad we did!


Whatever you do, you have to GO to NYC!

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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