Hilarious Parrot Plays Peak-A-Boo With Cat!


This is the hilarious moment a playful parrot teases the neighbour's hungry looking cat with a game of peek-a-boo through the window.

The game between friendly neighbours took place in between Oscar the two-year-old Indian Ring neck parrot and the cat who lives across the street.

Oscar repeatedly tantalised the cat by appearing to disappear while he hid under the window frame and then reemerging with a squawked 'peak-a-boo'.

While the cat is certainly mesmerised by the game, he doesn't seem very amused. 

The cat's focused face and low position indicate that it may have been ready to pounce on the parrot had the window pane not been there. 

Oscar the clever parrot seems to thoroughly enjoy the game whether he is aware of the potential danger or not.   

The parrot seems to not only mimic human speech but also understand its meaning as it shouts 'peek-a-boo' at the opportune moment, revealing itself to the frustrated feline. 

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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