Weekend Recap: Scuba Diving in Lake Havasu

Erika and I drove out to Lake Havasu to spend some time with family and do some scuba diving! Here are some of my favorite pictures from our weekend adventure.

My mother-in-law has a house up there, so we joined her, her husband, and our awesome nieces Dylan and Presley out on a boat for a day.

This is the "London Bridge." It was literally brought stone by stone from London. It's super bizarre/cool in the middle of this desert lake community.

We also took some time to do some diving. It was so nice to get in the water!

It was a little to silty to take pictures of all the random stuff we saw, like a sunken sail boat, a jeep, a fire hydrant and a toilet seat.

Lake Havasu is also home to some awesome breweries, so we had to check them out. Mudshark was our favorite. Try their Havablue Wheat!!

We took a six pack with us to watch the sunset on the beach.

You know when you are driving on I10 and you see those signs for "Really Good Fresh Jerky"? Well we FINALLY stopped and tried some after years of talking about it on the way home. It was pretty good!

Lake Havasu is only a 5 hour drive from Tucson, making it a great weekend getaway spot. I definitely recommend checking it out!

For more travel pics, check out my instagram @cyndila

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