Car-Owner Perks Available at Costco!

8 Perks You Can Get As A Car Owner At Costco

According toBusiness Insider,Costcooffers so much more than just bulk items for the fridge & home. Costco members can also get amazing deals if they're car owners. Here are some of the car-owner perks available at Costco, according toBusiness Insider...

  1. Car accessories & gadgets(like dashboard cameras, wax kits, wiper blades, bike racks, motor oil, car batteries and emergency kits)
  2. Cheap gas(Business Insider says that the savings members get in gas prices will more than offset the annual Costco membership fee)
  3. Discounted rental cars(Not only doesCostco Traveloffer discounts on car rentals, but it also has deals on flights, hotels, and cruises)
  4. Cheap tires(tires bought from Costco are reportedly significantly more affordable than those bought from dealerships or other retailers)
  5. Auto Insurance(Costco Insurance Agencyno longer offers car insurance plans for individuals or families, but you can get it through their partnership withAmeriprise)
  6. Savings on repairs & services(Costco works with their network of automotive service shops to bring you discounts on repairs & services)
  7. Car washes(11 Costco locations inAmericaoffer car wash services...6 locations inCalifornia, 2 inArizona, as well as locations inIdaho,WashingtonandTennessee)
  8. Access to new & used cars(You can't buy a car at Costco, but youcanbuy one through theirCostco Auto Program)

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