Ragu Pasta Sauce Is Being Recalled!

There has been a nationwide voluntary recall by Ragu pasta sauce due to having fragments of plastic according toNBC.

While there have been no injuries or complaints reported, this recall effects three products the Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion (45 oz and 66 oz jars), Old World Style Traditional (66 oz jars) , and Old World Style Meat (66 oz jars).

The list below has all of the recalled product codes: 

RAGÚ Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion, 45 oz.

  • Cap code: JUN0520YU2
  • Best Use by Date: JUN0520YU2

RAGÚ Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion, 66 oz.

  • Cap code: JUN0620YU2
  • Best Use By Date: JUN0620YU2

RAGÚ Old World Style Traditional, 66 oz. 

  • Cap code: JUN0420YU2
  • Best Use By Date: JUN0420YU2

RAGÚ Old World Style Meat, 66 oz.

  • Cap code: JUN0520YU2
  • Best Use By Date: JUN0520YU2

If you have any of these items at home, it is advised to throw them out.

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