Never Ending Pasta Pass is Back at Olive Garden!

Well our favorite pass is back, but with a twist!

Olive Garden posted on Instagram a bunch of cryptic photos with the caption "there's more that meets the eye. #pastapass."

When you look really close at the photos the computer screen says "Olive Garden's Pasta Pass is back and bigger than ever with the introduction of the first-ever..."

Then the calendar and clock is set for August 15th at 2pm and the calculator hints that 24,000 passes will be up for sale.

The part that's really throwing everyone off is the "introduction of the first-ever..." portion of the comment.

Fans are speculating that maybe wine will be included since there's wine glasses or the song playing is "family affair" so maybe there's a family pasta pass available.

One person made a really in depth theory saying "half-priced wine; family passes for $240; gold passes; year-round passes for Valentine's Day and St. Patty's; free apps, drinks, and dessert; and even a possible trip to Italy. "

According to Olive Garden, that fan's had three of those theories correct!

Either way just get ready to click your life away on August 15th at 2pm!

If you do want a pass, you'll have to be very committed to work fast considering last year's never ending pasta pass sold out in less than a minute!

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