Robert Downey Jr. Was Once Arrested at Disneyland!

The first time you experience Disneyland, most people would identify it as a very magical moment in their lives. Well that's not exactly the case for Robert Downey Jr. because he revealed at D23 Expo what happened the first time he went to the park. During D23 Expo’s Disney Legends Ceremony, he decided to share the piece of trivia with the audience to get it off of his chest.

It's no secret that he had a rough past, but according toEWwhen he took the stage as one of the newly inducted Disney Legends, he joked about his first trip to the Disneyland Resort by saying:

“Here’s a bit of trivia for you. The very first time I went to Disneyland I was transported to another place within moments of being arrested. I was brought to a surprisingly friendly processing center, given a strict warning, and returned to, if memory serves, one very disappointed group chaperone. I’ve been sitting on that shame for a while and I‘m just going to release it here tonight.”


He continued with his speech making the audience laugh by saying:

“I would like to make amends to whoever had to detain me for smoking pot in a gondola without a license. And I don’t wanna further confuse the issue by insinuating that pot smoking licenses for the gondola are in any way obtainable.”

Robert Downey Jr. has played Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade and after he talked about his Disney past, he reflected on his time being part of the MCU:

“I’m delighted to be among such a rich and diverse group of humans, all seeking to reflect the many challenges of life through the lens of creative expression. For my part, playing Tony over many years, the thematic idea that technology can guide our species towards enlightenment or destruction, it’s been a really worthwhile and ongoing meditation. Honestly, it’s been a great gift… I get to remain a fan… Here’s to the future.”

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