Cyndi Finally Finished Putting in New Floors!

Cyndi here! I am sooooo happy to be done putting in our new vinyl plank flooring. Here are some before and after pics to get a sense.

We had carpet for years, and it was time for a change... don't judge!

First we ripped up the carpet and pulled off the baseboards. It was SOOOO dirty under there.

Then I spent four days scraping all the adhesive off the cement floor. It took way longer than I was expecting and was SO tedious, but also so important for what we were about to do. See all those pieces of glue? I had to scrape each and every one.

So much scraping...

Once the sub-floor was all scraped and flat, we put out a underlayment to reduce echo and give the planks a little flexibility and cushion on the concrete. Best choice we could have made.

Allow your planks to "off gas" and settle for a few days before installing.


Then plank by plank, little by little, we installed our new floors. Here are some after pics.

This project changed me. I was not a handy person when we started. I could work a drill at best. New floors are no joke. It was hard work. I cried a couple times in the process. I also learned how to work a jigsaw. I measured and made a lot of cuts. I also made a lot of mistakes. I am a better person from this experience. I feel so empowered being able to complete such a complex project.

Now all we have to do is put the baseboards back on.... oh yea and paint the whole house. LOL!

Cyndi & Chris

Cyndi & Chris

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