Did OJ Officially Confess??

Do you think OJ Simpson officially confessed? O.J. Simpson finally confessed to double murder -- at least “hypothetically.

”FOX-TV aired a two-hour special Sunday, which featured a 2006 interview with the former NFL great and a panel of experts. Prosecutor Christopher Darden concluded, (quote) “I think he's confessed to murder.”FOX originally shelved the interview with publisher Judith Regan because it was too controversial at the time. As was his book titled If I Did It. O.J. described a scenario of how he might have murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.According to O.J., an imaginary friend named “Charlie” warned him that Nicole had been hooking up with another man. They went to her place to confront Nicole, but Goldman tried to intimidate him with a “karate thing.” O.J. grabbed the knife from Charlie, (quote) “I never saw so much blood in my life.”



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