Tanya Takes Notes on Dates, Makes Men Take “Love Language” Quiz 👀

Hot topic this morning — is it normal to take notes after dates and to also make your date take the “Love Language” quiz after just 30 days? Well, Tanya Rad thinks so! 

Tanya's confession came Wednesday morning and while Ryan Seacrest agreed to taking simple notes to remember things — like your significant other’s shoe size for gifts etc. — Sisanie was seriously concerned 😂

“When you are dating people I want to remember things from the beginning because you just forget,” Tanya explained of her note taking. “… So if they mention in the beginning specific things like 'Said family member likes this' or … something like that, I always jot it down and make a notes page for each guy I’m dating.”

She also revealed that she likes each date to take the Love Languages quiz early on …

“I always have every guy within the first month take their Love Language test so I always have all their Love Languages so I don’t ever forget," Tanya shared much to the room's disapproval. "It’s good to know what their No. 1 and No. 2 are."

Ryan then polled the room and even asked Jared Goff's roomie Patrick his thoughts. 

“That's a little much,” Patrick said.  “… it sounds like a lot.”

Watch back the LOL moments in the videos above and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan — weird or not weird?

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