Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 Celebrates 30 Years!!

Janet Jackson Celebrates 30 Years of Rhythm Nation 1814!

Yesterday (September 19, 2019) Janet Jackson celebrated 30 years since the release of her iconic album Rhythm Nation 1814. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have worked alongside Janet all these years and yesterday they took a walk down memory lane giving us a glimpse of the studio where they recorded the song 30 years ago. It's no doubt this album broke barriers and changed the mold of music forever, Rhythm Nation 1814 is the only album in history to ever have seven top 5 singles on the Billboard Top 100! Janet has no plans of settling down she just go done with her residency in Las Vegas and is about to headline some shows in Australia! I've been fortunate enough to see Janet Jackson perform live twice and I can honestly say there is nothing like the magic she brings to the stage! Congrats to Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on 30 years of music that is timeless!

Check It Out!!

Savannah L


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