What do Moms really want for Mother's Day?

Happy Mother's Day. Red paper heart on yellow background

Mother's day is this weekend. Don't say I didn't remind you. In fact if you walk into any retail environment, there are reminders everywhere. You would think that we mom's want cards, flowers and a mug that says "mom"! Sure those are ok gifts, but when I asked a bunch of my mom friends, the overwhelming majority wanted a day to be off duty. No laundry, cleaning, chores and cleaning up after people. We want to sleep in and spend quality time with our family. We want a little alone time, maybe the freedom to read uninterrupted for an hour or watch a show. Ok this is what I want, but guess what? That doesn't cost anything! This Mother's Day think about giving mom a little love and appreciation with a sprinkle of free time and a dash of sleeping in.

If you are set on getting her something, I still love it when my kids make me something or pick out something that they think I would enjoy. Kids are actually excellent observers, you would surprised what they pick up on. Can't go wrong with an orchid and it lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers. There was recently an opinion piece in the New York Times where an 80 year old mom said she still loves getting hand made gifts from her adult children. It never looses it's value whether you are 5 or 55. I think that's because time and talent (in my case lack there of) goes into something hand made. It's always appreciated.

If mom isn't here this Mother's Day, I know that can be hard. You can still honor her memory by doing something she loved or donate to cause that was special to her. Write a letter of gratitude about your mom and share with your own children or other family members. How ever you wish or not wish to acknowledge this Mother's Day, I personally wish you a wonderful day and to all the mom's out there..you are the glue that binds. Happy Mother's Day!

Disclaimer: I'm a terrible speller if you find something wrong let me know and I'll happily edit it:)


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