Help! I need gift ideas for graduation presents.

It's graduation season! Hats off to all those hard working students this year who have finally arrived to the big day. This year I have a daughter graduating from junior high, a nephew graduating from high school and a baby sitter graduating from college. Good thing I have a job, because gift giving adds up.

You can't go wrong with cash, but I feel like that is impersonal no matter how much the kids want it. If you want to give something meaningful and thoughtful. I have come up with a few ideas. Gift giving is my jam. I love to come up with gifts that are unique, sentimental or just really functional. I give gifts that I would want to get. I think that's the key to being a good gift giver. I also know you are either good at giving gifts or you are not. My husband, God love him, is not but he knows it, so he ask my sister to shop for man!

Ok gifts, let's get started.

  1. Hydroflask or any really cool water bottle that keeps water cold for extended periods of time
  2. Monogramed ANYTHING! From a monogramed laptop bag, travel bag or case for accessories this is a special gift..and they can't return it:)
  3. Subscription service. If they like makeup there are a ton of choices from Birchbox to FitfabFun. There are subscription services for clothes, books, STEM and just about any interest. If you get a 3 month subscription it's the gift that keeps on giving, and who doesn't love getting something in the mail?
  4. Tech stuff- USB flash drives, extra battery packs and cords. This falls under functional gift giving.
  5. Over 21- A nice bottle of Champs to celebrate. Introduce them to wine over $5. Or buy a pretty bottle and they will think it looks expensive..shhh I won't tell.
  6. Alumni swag- Who doesn't love representing their alma mater...this is much cooler if you are graduating college.
  7. Chat Books or an online photo service that comes with little books you can make. Take pictures of the ceremony and after party and then upload to any of those sites and make a memory book.
  8. Heading to college- Coffee maker! Coffee becomes your beastie in's a life long friend of mine.
  9. Plant- Ok seems a little weird but I love giving orchids, lucky bamboo or succulents, even to teenagers! It's something living, it looks good in any room and gently suggests..."Hey I think you are responsible enough to take care of this living thing."
  10. Cash- Ok I hate giving cash but who doesn't want cash? When I do give cash I at least try to find a creative way to give it. I put it in a little box, I will pin it to a plant or get a huge box and tape it to the bottom so they have to work to get to it.

Do you have some suggestions? Share your ideas below and happy gift giving!

( Sheila K spelling disclaimer: Are there typos? you can count on it:)


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